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Posted on September 30, 2010


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This is a paragraph. The loudspeaker is usually considered the weakest point in the HiFi chain. There may be many good reasons to claim that a loudspeaker is the link with the most influence on the sound. Consequently loudspeakers could be the dominating investment in a qualified music reproduction system, but if you move forward in the chain you will find yet another link; the room – a link at least as important to consider as the loudspeaker, maybe even more so. Regardless of the order of importance between the speaker and the room, it is obvious that as well as the choice of a loudspeaker should be made with the greatest care, the same is valid for the attention to the acoustics of the room and the proper placement of the loudspeakers therein. This article addresses the problem of finding the best placement for a subwoofer.

以下是一个中文的段落。在富特文格勒已知的录音中,仅30年代曾留下不完整的录音室版,但未曾发行,其余清一色是现场演出。最早期的贝多芬第九录音是1937年在英国的演出,这是大战前富特文格勒唯一的第九,也成为他未来的基架,往后的演出就是在这个架构中,不断地加入生涯所累积的信念。依照Ardion的说法,HMV的录音当时并未出版,一直到1984年富特文格勒的逝世30周年纪念才由日本EMI发行LP,不过发行量不多,据文献记载LP的整体音响效果相当不错。日版EMI则于福氏生诞一百周年时首次复刻CD,1994年M&A发行CD。这个演出正处于富特文格勒意气风发的黄金时代,造型偏向古典主义,整体感觉充满自信、流畅,这种中庸的演出,某种程度雷同于Toscanini 39年的第九,Walther Ludwig过于粗糙的演唱,结尾乐段富特文格勒一贯的刻意渲染,则显得些凌乱。

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Audio format m2ts + Gabest mkv + Gabest m2ts + Halli mkv + Halli

Gabest MPEG source needs a decoder like FFDShow or internal LPCM decoder.

LPCM works with ReClock directly without an additional decoder.

Haali will be directly linked to ReClock and stream the audio. It doesn’t need any additional LPCM decoder.

Haali will be directly linked to ReClock and stream the audio. It doesn’t need any additional LPCM decoder.

Dolby TrueHD

It can bitstream over FFDShow.

It can bitstream over FFDShow.

It can transfer only core AC3.

Gives blue light and no problem in bitsreaming THD inside mkv.

Below is a split line.

Above is a split line.

Source code insterted by Source Code Highlighter plugin for WordPress:

import javax.persistence.Entity;

import javax.persistence.EntityListeners;

import javax.persistence.GeneratedValue;

import javax.persistence.Id;

import javax.persistence.PostRemove;


public class Employee implements java.io.Serializable {

  private int id;

  private String firstName;

  private String lastName;



  public int getId() {

    return id;



  public void postRemove()




  public void setId(int id) {

    this.id = id;


  public String getFirstName() {

    return firstName;


  public void setFirstName(String first) {

    this.firstName = first;


  public String getLastName() {

    return lastName;


  public void setLastName(String last) {

    this.lastName = last;



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