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Posted on October 15, 2010


This is a memo for myself which is about my current configuration of MediaPortal, skins/plugins and other dependent software components.


Download the latest MPC-HC standalone filters (X86) here and register both and in the system as splitters for MKV and M2TS videos with the following commands:


Add the following keys to windows registry to make sure the splitters will be used as the default splitters for MKV and M2TS in Windows.

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Media Type\Extensions\.mkv]
"Source Filter"="{0A68C3B5-9164-4A54-AFAF-995B2FF0E0D4}"
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Media Type\Extensions\.m2ts]
"Source Filter"="{1365BE7A-C86A-473C-9A41-C0A6E82C9FA3}"

Download the latest FFDShow and install it. After installation configure video decoder as follows:

 ffdshow 视频解码器设置_2010-10-10_20-25-32 ffdshow 视频解码器设置_2010-10-10_20-26-43 ffdshow 视频解码器设置_2010-10-11_22-10-45

ffdshow 视频解码器设置_2010-10-11_22-11-12 ffdshow 视频解码器设置_2010-10-11_22-11-46

Then configure audio decoder as follows:

ffdshow 音频解码器设置_2010-10-11_22-12-46 ffdshow 音频解码器设置_2010-10-11_22-13-09 ffdshow 音频解码器设置_2010-10-11_22-13-31

After correctly installing and configuring Gabest and FFDShow, you should get the following graph for MKV and M2TS:

Kick-Ass.2010.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD This.Is.It.2009.BluRay.REMUX.1080P.AVC.DTS.HD-CHD.m2ts - MONOGRAM GraphStudio_2010-10-10_19-56-19

MediaPortal configuration

Main configuration

Configure MediaPortal as the following screenshots shows:

MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-37-12 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-37-28 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-38-12

MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-38-26 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-38-32 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-38-40

MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-47-13 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-47-23 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-47-24

MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-48-40 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-48-47 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-49-21

MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-49-26 MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-50-10

Plugin configuration

Overview of all enabled plugins:

MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-57-04 1. MovingPicture plugin configuration

Moving Pictures Configuration_2010-10-13_20-53-36 Moving Pictures Configuration_2010-10-13_20-53-47 Moving Pictures Configuration_2010-10-13_20-54-14 Moving Pictures Configuration_2010-10-13_20-54-20

2. TVSeries plugin configuration

MP-TV Series Configuration_2010-10-13_20-55-02 MP-TV Series Configuration_2010-10-13_20-55-06 MP-TV Series Configuration_2010-10-13_20-55-30 MP-TV Series Configuration_2010-10-13_20-55-34

3. Fanart plugin configuration

Fanart Handler_2010-10-13_20-59-38 Fanart Handler_2010-10-13_20-59-44 Fanart Handler_2010-10-13_20-59-49

Blu-ray playback

With MovingPictures plugin and correct setup of Gabest/FFDShow, MediaPortal can play main content of a blu-ray disk even with support for HD audio tracks and embedded subtitles. However, to get full features of a blu-ray disk, it is recommended to use a 3rd party commercial blu-ray player such as PowerDVD or TMT. Here I’d like to present my configuration of MediaPortal and PowerDVD which gives me the following:

  • Playback of blu-ray ISO in PowerDVD with auto refresh rate change based on FPS in the blu-ray
  • Playback of blu-ray disk in PowerDVD (due to copyright protection, it’s not possible to enable auto refresh rate change in disk mode)
  • A shortcut in MediaPortal to launch PowerDVD (with the help of MultiShortcuts plugin)

First install Virtual CloneDrive and configure it in MediaPortal as follows: MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-38-26

To show all ISO files as movies in MediaPortal, add “iso” to the video extensions list:

MediaPortal - Configuration_2010-10-13_20-47-24

Then go to MediaPortal configuration –> Plugins –> Moving Pictures –> Configuration –> About –> Advanced Settings –> Mediaportal GUI –> Bluray/HD-DVD Playback, configure the following items:

  • Set Use External Player to True;
  • Set Enable Dynamic Refresh Rate Changer Settings to be True to enable automatic refresh rate change;
  • Set Executable to the executable file of external player (D:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD10\PowerDVD10\PowerDVD Cinema\PowerDVDCinema10.exe) ;
  • Set Command-line arguments to /fullscreen.

Now MovingPicture can use VCD to load a Blu-ray ISO and play it in external player we defined above. MediaPortal is hidden when the movie is played, and re-appears when the external player is closed.

To add a shortcut to PowerDVD in MediaPortal we need to use MultiShortcuts plugin. Follow the setps below:

  1. Download and unzip the plugin;
  2. Copy all contents in “MediaPortal” folder to the MediaPortal installation directory(C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal);
  3. Navigate to “plugins\Windows” directory of MediaPortal installation directory and rename “MultiShortcut00.dll” to “PlayBluray.dll”;
  4. Run DLLFix.exe in prompt to register “PlayBluray.dll” as a plugin to MediaPortal;
  5. Open MediaPortal configuration –> Plugins and Configure PlayBluray plugin as picture below shows, remember the Plugin ID.

MultiShortcut Configuration_2010-10-13_21-28-36 To show the shortcut in StreamedMP skin, go to “C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\StreamedMP” folder and edit the following section of the file “BasicHome.xml”:


The hyperlink element should contain the plugin ID  from the plugin configuration illustrated previously.

Music library

A fantastic tutorial of how to arrange music files in MediaPortal written by kiwijunglist can be found here. Below are my highlighted steps:

1. Use MPTagThat to add/edit tags in all music files. In the end all music files should have the following tags: Artist Name, Album Artist, Album Name, Track Title and the following:

  • You should embed the album art into every music file.
  • If you have all the tracks in an album you should have Track#s tagged.
  • If you have an album with multiple cds, you should also have the disc# tagged, leave the album name the same for both cds.
  • If it is a 1 cd album then just leave the Disc# tag blank.
  • If the album is a compilation album with more than 1 artist then you should use album artist = "various artists".
  • If you only have a single music track (ie not from an album), then set the album title = "Singles" and the album artist name should be the same as the track artist name.

2. MediaPortal configuration -> My Music -> Music Database: make sure “Create artist preview thumbs” is unticked and then import all music by clicking "Update database from selected shares".


3. MediaPortal configuration -> My Music -> Music Views: add the following views:

musicsetup01 musicsetup02

musicsetup03 musicsetup04

4. MediaPortal configuration -> My Music -> Music Sort: setup the following music sort field, leave the other ones as default:

musicsetup05 5. MediaPortal configuration -> Plugins -> Audioscrobber: enable the plugin and configure it as follows:

musicsetup06 musicsetup07

More screenshots after the configuration can be found here.


1. MediaPortal

2. StreamedMP skin

3. Fanart plugin (in StreamedMP)

4. MovingPictures plugin (in StreamedMP)

5. TVSeries plugin (in StreamedMP)

6. MyTrailers plugin (in StreamedMP)

7. MyLyrics plugin (in StreamedMP)

8. MusicSearch plugin (in StreamedMP)

9. InfoService plugin (in StreamedMP)

10. WebBrowser plugin (in StreamedMP)

11. MultiShortcut plugin

12. MPTagThat

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