HTML 5 features, tips, and techniques you must know

Posted on November 22, 2010


Jeffrey Way wrote an excellent tutorial on new features, tips, and techniques of the new coming HTML 5 which is considered as a big improvement over HTML 4. The full tutorial can be found here, and be aware that the page is constantly updated to include new content.

I Among all new HTML 5 features and improvements, I find the following are the most exiting ones:

  • New simplified DocType for HTML 5 – <!DOCTYPE html>.
  • New <audio> and <video> tags which saves developers from Flash, <object>, , etc.
  • Editable content inside static page. Check the video in WebStorage section for illustration.
  • Enhanced form tags with email support, placeholders, new “required” and “autofocus” attributes and validation based on regular expression.

Other new features that are originally in scope of HTML 5 but now become their own specifications:

  • WebStorage: it is a feature that a web page can store and retrieve data on a user’s  local harddrive. The W3C specification for WebStorage can be found by clicking here, and the following tutorial video shows how it works:
  • WebSocket: it enables the creation of a bi-directional, full-duplex TCP connection from a user’s browser to the webserver. It is such a powerful feature which can make streaming over HTTP becomes an easy job, see specification here.
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