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Common bugs in writing

December 21, 2010


A very nice article by Henning Schulzrinne which explains how to avoid common errors in writing formal technical report, you can find the original post here. Avoid use of passive tense if at all possible. Example: "In each reservation request message, a refresh interval used by the sender is included." reads better and shorter as […]

HTML 5 features, tips, and techniques you must know

November 22, 2010


Jeffrey Way wrote an excellent tutorial on new features, tips, and techniques of the new coming HTML 5 which is considered as a big improvement over HTML 4. The full tutorial can be found here, and be aware that the page is constantly updated to include new content. I Among all new HTML 5 features […]

A quick way to parse XML configuration files: commons-digester project

August 1, 2008


This is a quite useful framework when you try to use XML config and retrieve velues from XML config from a Java program. Personally, I prefer XPath to do the same job. Click here to read more.

Avoiding mistakes made using Axis2

June 1, 2008


There are a number of major areas where users can get into trouble when using Axis2. In this article, I provide possible solutions and suggestions to most of the problems you may face when you start to use Axis2. Even though this article is titled ‘10 Biggest Mistakes Developers make in Axis2’, rather than just citing problems and relevant solutions, I go one step ahead by explaining the major areas where you are most likely to get into trouble and by showing you how to overcome those situations. Click here to read more.

Find out the physical size of an Oracle table

March 2, 2008


In order to find out the physical size of an oracle table, you can query system table USER_SEGMENTS. The following SQL returns all storage infomation about a table in Oracle: 1: SELECT * FROM USER_SEGMENTS WHERE 2: SEGMENT_TYPE = 'TABLE' 3: AND SEGMENT_NAME = 'TABLE_NAME' You can do the same for index as well.

Wrong order of inherinted attributes in Axis2

January 21, 2008


I found a bug in Axis2 which prevents .NET client accessing inherited attributes defined in super class. This is due to the sequence of elements in generated response is not correct. Basically based on the WSDL generated by Axis2, attributes from super class should be appended first and sorted, then attributes from subclass. Clearly, Axis2 appends attributes in a wrong order, it tries to add attributes from subclass first. The BeanUtil class is responsible to generate SOAP response for ADB and POJO styled web service, therefore I made a modification to this class as follows.

How to configure services.xml for Axis2 web services

January 17, 2008


This tutorial by Deepal Jayasinghe mainly focuses on how to write a service configuration file or services.xml for Apache Axis2/Java from scratch. He covers all the applicable syntax in the services.xml file as well as their proper usage. Click here to read more.